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Our services
The assurance of quality

Quality control.

Ritilux is the assurance of quality. Each of the catalog, carefully selected, meets European safety standards.

Art objects.

Through contacts made in 33 years the Asian market, this Ritilux preview the latest technological developments. Franco Riti travels regularly to China to supervise the work of its suppliers, subject to finding the latest fashion and monitoring and quality control.

Storage and distribution.

IImported direct from the factory, the objects are received by Ritilux that checks their condition before delivery. The company has a storage depot and distributes on behalf of customers who want it.

Tailor-made objects.

In addition to the thousands of items in its catalog, Ritilux you to make items tailor-made to suit your needs the most advanced. At the start of any art, do make a product to your image, able to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract attention.

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